Field stripping

the Swedish pistol m/40 (Husqvarna).

9x19 mm  (9 mm Luger)



Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is empty!


Disengage the safety!


Holding pistol in right hand press muzzle down firmly or pull the slide  backwards with the hand about 1 cm to release tension on the recoilspring. With the tension removed, the thumb catch on the side may be turned down to vertical position


Slide the complete barrel, slide and bolt assembly to the front and out of the receiver.

Turn the slide upside down. Push down the slide lock and pull the bolt back.


Remove the slide lock.
(Note the arrow inside, which is pointed forward.)
The pistol m/1940 is field striped.



Notes on reassembling: 

Check that the slide lock is propperly installed!
The arrow must point forwards towards the muzzle of the gun!


Drawing of pistol m/1940 from the Swedish infantry manual 1944.


Soldatinstruktion för infanteriet 1944 - Swedish infantry manual 1944



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