updated 2023-01-31 about Swedish revolvers, pistols and Rifles.

Swedish military pistols and revolvers from 1863 - 1988
an over view

by O. Janson
  Here are some wepons used by SOE and the partisans
 in Norway & Denmark during WW2.  

by O. Janson
Swedish Nagant
revolver m/1887


  Submachine guns of United Kingdom -  
by O. Janson

The BSA Thompson 1926,
Thompson 1928A1, Lanchester,
Sten, and the Sterling
Browning pistol M1903 becomes Swedish Pistol m/1907
UPDATED 2023-January
by O. Janson                    

German two handed weapons 1939-1945.
by O. Janson
Swedish Pistol m/1940 made by Husqvarna Gun Factory

by O.Janson                            



The submachine guns of Sweden.
by O. Janson
  Luger family

The Light Machine Guns of Sweden,
by O. Janson
  Pistols used by the the Germans during WW2  in Norway and Denmark. 
by O. Janson
Swedish military assault rifles 1945 - 1990, Ak4 and Ak 5.       

by O. Janson

  BREN Mk I field strip
Swedish Handgrenades

by O. Janson

  How to field strip the Swedish automatic rifle
Ag m/1942 - Ljungman construction

by O. Janson

Swedish Military Rifles
Remington Rolling block
  How to Field strip the Swedish submachine gun Carl Gustaf m/1945 and
the Sten.
by O. Janson
Swedish Military Rifles 1894 - 1960     by O. Janson  

The development of Ljungman semi-automatic rifle Ag m/42. 
by O. Janson

How to field strip the Swedish pistol m/1940

by O. Janson

The Swedish rifles
m/39 & m/40

(The most powerful standard Military rifle in the world!) 
by O. Janson

How to field strip the Swedish pistol m/1907

by O. Janson

Military & FSR Rifles 1960-2019 by O. Janson UPDATED!   How to field strip the MP43, MP44 and the StG44

by O. Janson

Military Rifles 1990-2019

by O. Janson

  How to field strip the Ak47, AKM series.

by O. Janson

The Earliest Machine Guns

Kulspruta m/1914
or Schwarzlose Machine Gun M1907/12 and
Kulspruta m/14-29
by O. Janson  

  How to field strip the FN FAL

by O. Janson

The Swedish Browning MMG m/1936; MMG m/1942(B) and Machinegun m/1939

by O. Janson

  How to field strip the German P38
and the Swedish pistol m/1939
General Purpose Machine Guns of Sweden

by O. Janson

  How to field strip the Glock pistols

and the Swedish pistols P88 and P88B.

by O. Janson
The arms of the Swedish Infantry Artillery Battalion which was part of the
Infantry Brigade organisation "IB66" in Sweden 1966 - 1977.

by O. Janson
  Field stripping the CBJ MS  

by O. Janson 

FAQ about Swedish Mausers             
Swedish Anti Tank Rifles
 1921 - 1995

by O. Janson

Swedish WW2 ordnance  



New Swedish AP cartridge
25 CBJ
A new Swedish weapon system CBJ MS

by O. Janson


Features of the Ideal Rifle Scope.





Mats Index 

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Mats Person's homepages


The Swedish inspectors codes for Swedish Military small arms.

(SS stamped on Swedish arms is the acceptance mark made by Cpt. Sten Stenmo)


Bottom stamps of swedish military ammunition

By Mats Persson

  A very brief history of Swedish Arms manufacturing

By Mats Persson

Some Tanks
used in Sweden


Swedish Military Designations

By Mats Persson

Gothenburg Aero Show

Tiger moth
Spitfire & P-51 Phantom


Swedish Army Regiments

By Mats Persson

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