Here are some pictures from one of our meetings. The subject was
the SOE in Norway, "Hjemmefronten". 



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Fairbairn Sykes Fighting knife på svenska
F-S Fighting  knife
Items from Curt Johanessons collection.

For more details and pictures about fighting knives please go to  the article in English about
Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting knives.

This unmarked variation of Swedish pistol m/40 is very often wrongly claimed to been designed for SOE in Norway and Denmark. 
The fact is that they were produced for the Swedish Inteligence Service during WW2.

Above the single shot Welrod Mk 2 pistol in 7,65 mm Browning (32 ACP)

The pistol is equipped with a permanent silencer.

The bolt has to be twisted and pulled back for each shot like a bolt action rifle. This eliminates the mechanical sound to a minimum.
The gun is very silent. One of these was used by the partisan Reidar Nielsen to kill guards at a radar station.

Below the Welrod Mk 2 pistol with open bolt.

Above - the most common pure fighting knives used during WW2. (Nowadays they are not common any more).
From left to right:

German Fallschirmsjäger fighting knife
French "Le venegeur de 18
70", which was confiscated by the Germans and used by them.
US M3 fighting knife which rarely can be found in Norway and Denmark.
The British commando knife: Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting knife (model 2)


The rare German Paratrooper knife above.

It is also called the gravity knife.
The spike in the other end can be folded open and the knife can be used in both directions!



German two handed weapons 1939-1945.

Pistols used by the the Germans in Norway and Denmark.

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Here below are pictures of a Dutch Marine m1915 knife produced between the wars.