General Purpose Machine Guns of Sweden

updated 2020-04-30

Before KSP 58 - FN MAG

On top a very smart rebuilt Kg m/37 for belt feeding called LMG from Dahl's regiment. (private picture)




Kulspruta 58,


KSP 58 with 6,5x55 mm ammunition (m/94 prj m/41)    (private picture)


KSP58 B with improved gas valve.



Ksp 58 exists with both 6.5 mm barrels and 7.62 mm barrels.

The first type of gas regulator was original FN type. Later the FN type of gasregulator was improved and the type B regulator was installed first on all FN made Ksp 58 (serial number below 3 000).

All 7.62 mm barrels are equipped with gas regulator B.

The pictures below comes from the Swedish army manual V118.

Gas regulator of FN type
KSP 58 barrel with gas regulator of FN type
Gas regulator B type

KSP 58 barrel with gas regulator B type


Technical data:
GP MG - Kulspruta 58, KSP 58
Calibre 6,5x55 or 7,62x51
Ammunition 6,5 mm m/94 or 7,62 mm ptr 10
V0 830-850 m/s

Steel links with 50 to be connected.

Rate of fire 600-850 rpm
Design Fabrique Nationale MAG
Action Gas operated
Firing modes Full auto
Manufacturer FN
Carl Gustaf GF
Year of delivery 1958 -
Quantity FN - 3 000
Carl Gustaf - N/A
Barrel 600 mm 4 grooves without flash hider
680 mm 4 grooves with flash hider
Length 1275 mm with flash hider
Length 1195 mm without flash hider
Weight w. bipod 11,6 kg
Front Sight

Folding front sight with covered post.

Rear Sights 200-1400 m in Ghost-ring position
300 - 1 400 m with U-shaped sight in standing position.
Other sights Red dot sight
Effective range 1 100 m
Practical range 600
Miscellaneous Ksp m/58 B; improved gas valve
Ksp m/58 Strv; used in tanks
Price Acc. replacement cost US Navy $ 7 000.
Status In service


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Ksp 58 DF

GP MG - Test model


To the left - KSP58 DF with folding stock.

(F stands for Test model)

Some facts about Ksp 58D

 Pictures and information with courtesy of Anders Arvidson at the Swedish Homeguard

 The Swedish defence forces are making test with a modification of the LMG Ksp 58B. The large stock of Ksp 58 needs to be modified to better fit the Swedish army of today.

 The new modification is called Ksp 58 D and has following modifications:

  • Red dot sight (Aimpoint)

  • Collapsible butt stock or folding stock.

  • 100 mm shorter barrel

  • Better and shorter flash hider to reduce the length of the weapon and make the muzzle flash less, not to disturb the view of the shooter by night

  • Fluted barrel in order to reduce the weight and better distribute the heat of the barrel.

  • The carrying handle is shortened to half its original length. This was necessary to be able to have extended MilStd 1913 rail for sight systems

  • Cassette (pouch) for ammo contains 100 cartridges (before 50).

  • Gas regulator has only 4 settings (instead of 8). The last position is painted red and is intended for emergency use.

  • New ammo cases

  • New equipment bags

  • A Milstd 1913 rail system added. Half of the weapons has an adjustable rail - the others a fixed

  • Bipod is painted green

  • There is a sheet for protection / one side green other side white / summer & winter camouflage.

  • The weight of the MG is the same

  • The weight of entire system is 3 kg less


Colours for the LMG were 12 black and 12 green and at least one with different colour.

There are all together 25 pieces of these GP MG. They were finally tested in two different configurations during 2005 at P4 (Tank regiment No 4) before the final version will be spread throughout the Swedish Defence Forces.


 Ref.: Mats Lundkvist weapon officer at Livgardet (which is a joint regiment of infantry and cavalry beside Stockholm).



Test model KSP58 D with fluted barrel, no iron sights, folding stock and flexible Picatinny rail system with an Aimpoint.


KSP 58 D with collapsible butt stock and its equipment.



Technical data:
Kulspruta 58 D, KSP 58 D
Calibre 7,62x51
Ammunition 7,62 mm ptr 10
V0 810 -830 m/s
Feed Link
Rate of fire 600-1100 rpm
Design Fabrique Nationale MAG
Action Gas operated
Firing modes Full auto
Manufacturer SAAB Bofors Dynamics
Year of delivery 2003 - 
Quantity 25
Barrel 530 mm fluted barrel with 4 grooves
Length 1180 mm
Weight 11 kg
Sights MilStd 1913  rail system with Aimpoint.
Miscellaneous Collapsible butt stock or folding stock. 
Status In service. 


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Kulspruta 90(B)

KSP 90 and  KSP 90 B

KSP 90 - FN Minimi Std


KSP 90B - FN Minimi Para


5,56 mm "KSP 90".

International nomenclature: Fabrique Nationale "Minimi". It is used by the Swedish marines and air force rangers and services aboard like KFOR.

FN Minimi is very popular among the Swedish troops.

There are two versions

      KSP 90 the standard Minimi and

      KSP 90B the The Para model, more compact with shorter barrel and sliding buttstock.

The weapon can be loaded with ordinary AK5 magazines (M16) or disintegrating link


Technical data:
Kulspruta 90, KSP 90  and  KSP 90 B
Calibre 5,56 Nato
Ammunition 5,56 Nato
Bullet Vo 930 m/s
Feed Disintegrating link, Cassette 200 ctrgs
or 30 shot magazine
Rate of fire 700 to 1 000 rpm 
Design Fabrique Nationale Minimi
Action Gas operated
Firing modes Full auto
Manufacturer FN
Carl Gustaf GF
Year of delivery 1990- 
Quantity NA 
Barrel KSP 90   = 465 mm (for Standard)
KSP 90B = 349 mm (for Para)
Length KSP 90 = 1040 mm
KSP 90B = 914 mm (retracted 766 mm)
Weight  6.9 kg
Sights Rear: Ghost-ring  and Front folding sight (post)
Miscellaneous KSP 90 Std Model effectiv range 1 000 m
KSP 90 BPara Model effectiv range 800 m
Price about 3 200 EURO
Status In service


Below you can see my son Olof to the far right
in charge of a squad with Swedish military in Kosovo equipped with Ak5 assault rifles
and at his feet two light machine gun KSP 90B (FN Minimi Para).



The FN Minimi and US M249

FN Minimi

US M249

KSP 90

US M249 in Iraq


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Heavy Machine gun

Browning M2

Tung kulspruta, Tksp, Tung KSP


The well known gun smith
 Hakan Spuhr shooting M2



Technical data:
Tung kulspruta, Tksp, Tung KSP
Tillverkare: Fabrique Nationale "M2HB QCB"
Calibre 12,799 (.50 BMG)
Ammunition 12,7 mm m/45
Feed Disintegrating link
Rate of fire 485 - 635 rpm
Firing modes Full auto and single shot
Design Browning M4
Action Short recoil of the barrel
Manufacturer FN
Barrel 816,5 mm
Length 1460 mm
Weight 24,7 kg
Miscellaneous Similar to Akan m/39 and m/45
Fitted to Battle boat 90
Status In service


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Kulspruta m/1914 or Schwarzlose Machine Gun M1907/12
and m/1914-29.

Swedish Medium Machine Guns - system Browning

General Purpose Machine Guns of Sweden


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