Swedish Pistol m/1907.

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Pistol m/1907 made by FN.

The Pistol M1903 was accepted as Swedish Pistol m/1907 on the 16th of December 1907.

The first 10 000 pistols were made by Fabrique National d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal in Belgium. They were bought from the Swedish agent - Paul Berghaus AB in Gothenburg.

All pistols delivered, were checked out and stamped by Carl Gustafs Stads gun factory in Eskilstuna.

It is easy to see if one of the m/1907 has been used by the armed forces because of these stamps at the rear end of the pistol.

The inspector’s initials will appear under the Swedish crown.

The Swedish defence forces are responsible for control of weapons. Since 1890 - 1942 the Swedish Carl Gustaf Gun Factory made these tests under dominion of the Royal Army administration.

Here are the codes / inspectors marks for the Swedish Military small arms >>>


The most common initials on the Belgian made m/1907 are

HC (Hyltén-Cavallius)


CJ (Carl Edward Johansson)

Staff Sergeant First Class Carl Edward Johansson was also called “Measure Johansson” and he is world famous for his kit with combined measures which still is used for high accuracy.

This m/1907 was made by FN 1910 


Here is a HVA m/1907 from 1917:

TT for Tor Thorsson


HK for Helge Koltoff


From left: FN pure Civilian; Husqvarna Civilian / military; Husqvarna Tor Thorsson & Helge Koltoff, Husqvarna Gustaf Bjorkenstam; Husqvarna Civilian / military


   The m/1907 is a relatively low-powered blowback operated pistol. It is standard size military pistol with internal hammer. It has an ordinary thumb-safety and a grip-safety which is rather heavy to press, when you want to fire the gun.


Click on the image to make it larger. Inside the Pistol m/1907
and FN Browning M1903


The pistol m/1907


Read about how to field-strip the pistol m/1907 here

The article continues on Swedish Pistol m/1907 made by Husqvarna GF.


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Swedish Pistol m/1907 made by FN

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