Swedish Pistol m/1907

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Equipment, holsters and ammunition for m/1907


Cut pistol m/1907 fully functioning.

Here is one instruction pistol m/1907. It has been cut carefully for display but it is still fully functioning.
It can be fired and shot with!

Even larger picture ( 222 Kb) HERE>>>


Parts of Pistol m/1907

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KATF (Kungliga Armétygförvaltningen, Stockholm)
 - numbers of the parts and price-list from May 1962.




Dummy Pistol m/1928

The pistols were also used by other army personnel like medics and signallers.

During training services the pistol was exchanged for a dummy pistol officially called m/28. The dummy should, when carried in the field, have the lanyard loop.


Here is the dummy Pistol m/28 in a navy holster M/1910.



The substitute for pistol m/1907 - Dummy pistol called m/28




The pistol m/1907 should from the beginning be carried in a holster called m/1908. At the end of its service period the pistol was carried in one of the front pockets of the battle belt. Very often the officers cheated during field training and only kept the lanyard loop going to the pocket without any dummy or pistol.

The Navy used a black holster called m/10.


To the left:
Navy holster M/1910 for pistol m/1907 with one pouch for a magazine. It is made out of soft leather.
(In the middle m/07 cleaning rodd and pistol oiler.)

To the right:
Standard military holster m/1908 for pistol m/1907 with two pouches for magazines. Note "T4" -  stamp for
Service re
giment No 4

The air force used black holsters with metal hooks on the backside for Sam Brown belts.

 Officers were allowed to purchase their own holsters according to standard but with minor modifications.


This is a typical Artillery officer’s purchased holster with similar button on the holster like on the officer’s uniform jacket. Note the magzines in their pockets. Typical for these holsters are that they are lined


This is another purchased officer’s holster

with cleaning rod on the back side.


Typical for all officer’s purchased holsters are that they are lined.


Pistol m/1907 in 9 mm Luger

There were tests made to alter the m/07 to 9x19 mm cartridge m/39 after the acceptance of the Walther HP as pistol m/39.

These pistols are equipped with 9 mm Parabellum barrels, stronger recoil spring and the magazines were changed. There are reports that 10 pistols from FN and 15 pistols from Husqvarna were changed. The system turned out to be too weak and the tests were finished.



The three Swedish service pistols 1939 - 1945


Pistol m/1907







Pistol m/1939 (Walther HP)






Pistol m/1940






The story should be over 1942 when the Finnish pistol Lahti Swedish m/40 started to be produced in large numbers. This was not the case, because when Sweden accepted the heavy armour piercing submachine gun cartridge 9 mm called m/39b (with red seal), the m/40 could not stand the heavy submachine gun ammo.

When I made my military service during the 1970:s I used both m/07 and m/40 pistols. The m/1940 is although it’s very clumsy much easier to shoot with than m/1907, but the m/1907 is much smother to pack and more safe  to handle.


Specifications: Calibre Weight Length
Pistol m/1907 9 mm Brown. Long (9x20 mm) 0,96 kg 200 mm


Specifications for the Swedish military cartridge
9 mm sk ptr m/07 (1960):

Length over all

28 mm
Weight total 10,9 gram = 169 grain
Bullet weight 7,1 gram  110 grain
Powder Pkr II (Pistol powder II)
Weight of powder 0,33 gram 5,1 grain
Velocity at 12,5 m 340 m/s   1115 fps
Weight of brass 3,5 gram  =   54 grain
Primer 5 mm primer No 1


2400 bar
1 box contain 28 crtgs
1 big pack - 1 package
(2940 crtgs
= 105 small boxes with each 28 crtgs)
 weights 41 kg


Six different boxes of ammunition for the pistol m/1907:

Top line: 2 civilian boxes made by FN (sold by Berghaus)

Middle line: Military boxes from 1942 and from 1933

Bottom line:
Left -
Civilian made by Norma during the 1970:s
right -
military from 1947



Production of pistol m/1907 per year
by Husqvarna

Year of delivery Military Civilia
1917 2854 209
1918 9361 817
1919 9000 93
1920 6000 140
1921 10303 59
1922 2750 48
1923 4250 40
1924 3000 38
1925    38
1926 800 21
1927-1932 632   
1933 1000 53
1934-1937    564
1938 900 112
1939 2025 95
1940 25653 2021
1941 10290 210
1942 400 171
1943 13    
Sum: 89231 4729
Total pistols 93 960 made according to HVA



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Equipment and ammunition for m/1907




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